Options Traders never panic when markets are exceptionally volatile and uncertain, because that is the most opportune time to find some massive market opportunities.

Embrace market uncertainty and keep profiting even in down markets with this comprehensive kit to Options Volatility Trading designed for all levels of traders.

Your Starter Kit includes FREE access to...

  • The 42-Page Ultimate Options Guide with 25 years worth of expert options trading tips & secrets. 
  • 1 Day Inside Scott Bauer’s Live Signal Trading Room to see exactly what a successful professional trader trades in real-time. 
  • A 1-on-1 Options Trading Lesson with an expert adviser, personalized to answer specific questions about your strategy and portfolio. 

Everything you need to start EXECUTING high-potential options trades is here...

This 42-page book will give you incredible insight into Options trading. More specifically, you’ll learn key profit formulas and money making strategies, 7 habits to boost trading performance, and the 3 deadliest mistakes options traders consistently make (and how to avoid them). Plus so much more...

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Learn Options Trading Secrets to Propel Your Profits With the Ultimate Guide to Trading Options

Spend a full day inside Scott's Live Signal Trading Room where hundreds of other traders join him daily to uncover hot market opportunities. You’ll be able to mirror his every trade, or just watch and learn to develop your skills.

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Get a FREE Day inside Scott’s Live Signal Trading Room to Mirror His High-Potential Trades in Real Time

Get the chance to speak to one of Prosper Trading Academy’s expert advisers where you can expect to discuss your current goals and challenges, get personal trading insights, and discover secret tips and tricks of options trading.

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100% Personalized One-on-One Trading Lesson from an Expert Adviser

Meet the Mastermind Behind the Options Starter Kit

A respected market commentator seen on Bloomberg and other major financial networks, Scott Bauer has 25+ years of professional equity and index options experience, including over 10 years experience as a former Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) market maker. 

On the floor, he made his name as the first market maker for Amazon, then served as Vice-President, Equities Division for Goldman Sachs. 

Scott currently serves as CEO of Prosper Trading Academy, where he brings his knowledge online to thousands of members daily.

CEO of Prosper Trading Academy, CBOE Market Maker, and 25-Year Trading Veteran

Scott Bauer

Instantly Learn the Secrets of a 25-Year Former Goldman Sachs Trading Veteran


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Get Your Options Starter Kit Today... Absolutely FREE!


Get Your Options Starter Kit Today... Absolutely FREE!

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Your Starter Kit is Reserved for the Next...

What Scott’s Students are Saying...

“I have been working with Proper Trading Academy for almost 2 years now. All I can say is that their professionalism and professional courtesy is exemplary. Unlike a lot of schools that offer training on trading the financial markets, they offer lifetime programs that make it a no brainer for beginners to join with full confidence that there is no time limit for them to learn their strategies and techniques. I have purchased several of the signal rooms and I'm excited to learn and make money everytime I open the website. They actually make the trades right there for you to take advantage of or just observe. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that wants to learn how to trade.”

Clay Blackwell

“Have been learning Options for 2 months and am impressed with the leadership and Option knowledge of Scott Bauer. Scott presents the trades to you and it's your discretion to trade or pass. The support team at Prosper Trading Academy are also outstanding!”

Wally Gilbert

"Prosper Trading has been the best investment I have ever made! I started about 4 years ago and the investment paid for itself in about a month. Scott Bauer is very talented and the ultimate mentor for options trading. His support staff with Mo Chegini and Adam Meller are extremely helpful with course learning and trade signals. In addition to live signals, Scott explains step by step the methodology of the signals in real time. Not only have I made consistent profits with Proper Trading's signals, I have learned how to trade complex options trades and how to develop trades on my own. Even after 4 years, I find that there is still so much more that Scott Bauer and his staff can teach me about trading."

Samir S.

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