Learn how to master the stock market and find elusive trading opportunities with this loaded kit of tools designed to turn you into a profitable trader.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to trading stocks, but Charlie’s Stocks Starter Kit will take years off your learning curve and help prepare you to trade with the best.

Your Starter Kit includes FREE access to... 

  • Charlie’s popular penny stock ebook, Secrets to Finding Winning Penny Stocks to learn professional methods for identifying big potential opportunities in the fast changing penny stock market. 
  • Charlie’s renowned ebook, How to Legally Profit from Cannabis Stocks, where you will learn how to use scanners to identify lucrative cannabis stock opportunities to help potentially grow your account.
  • A 1-Day Access Pass to Charlie’s Live Signal Trading Room to see exactly what a successful professional trader trades in real-time.
  • A 1-on-1 Stocks Trading Lesson with an expert advisor, personalized to answer specific questions about your strategy and portfolio. 

Learn How to Start Trading Profitably with Superior Results Using This Stocks Starter Kit...

Get your FREE copies of The Secrets to Finding Winning Penny Stocks AND How to Legally Profit from Trading Cannabis Stocks.  These two ebooks reveal the most intimate secrets of trading two of the fastest growing and most lucrative financial markets. You will learn professional methods for identifying high-potential opportunities and how to capitalize in each niche without overly exposing yourself to risk. In addition, you will learn step-by-step methods and tricks used by the market’s big players.

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Propel Your Profits With Specific Strategies for Trading Penny & Cannabis Stocks with Charlie’s Most Popular Two Ebooks

See the power of Charlie’s trading strategies by spending a full day inside his Penny Stock Live Signal Trading Room, where hundreds of other traders join him daily to talk markets and all things Penny Stocks. You can trade alongside him for a day, or just watch to see how he executes his strategies in real market conditions.

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Get a FREE Day inside Charlie’s Live Signal Trading Room to See His Strategies Play out in Real Time.

Get the chance to speak to one of Prosper Trading Academy’s expert advisers where you can expect to discuss your current goals and challenges, get personal trading insights, and discover secret tips and tricks of trading stocks.

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100% Personalized One-on-One Trading Lesson from an Expert Adviser

Meet the Mastermind Behind the Stocks Starter Kit

Charlie Moon is our seasoned coach of penny and cannabis stocks. Charlie is a patient mentor and he excels at one-on-one coaching, making the most complex concepts sound simple. 

Prior to joining the ranks of Prosper Trading Academy, Charlie was a proprietary equities trader with Great Point Capital LLC. It was here that he developed a strong background in technical analysis and active portfolio management, two essential components of trading stocks.

Stock Trading Expert and Coach

Charlie Moon

Master the Stock Market’s Most Lucrative Corners with Trading Whiz Kid Charlie Moon


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What Charlie’s Students are Saying...

“Being in the Trade Room and trading with Charles Moon has taught me so much, especially about Cannabis stocks. Now more and more of my trades are profitable compared to my trades prior to joining the Penny Stock & Cannabis Trade Room. Charles is very straight forward and funny too! I look forward to being in the trade room everyday.”

Karen Ramanauskas
August 29, 2018

“I want to thank chase, he responded when I was not doing so well in the options room and tried to resolve my issue by asking if there was something else that I could try that was more suitable to me. He hooked me up with the penny and cannabis Room with Charlie Moon he is a very good teacher and spends time and has Q&A and ask any questions that will help you, He will even let you message him personally, The first week I was in the room there were 2 dollar stocks that shot up to 12 gives great alerts and again awesome teacher very relatable”

Craig Grissom
July 20, 2018

“I have completed the stock mentor program with Charlie and now I am successfully trading stocks on my own (something that was very rare before I came here). Even though the mentor program is complete, I still stay in contact with Charlie and he has shown a real interest in my education and results. I am now taking the options mentoring program with Scott and have already learned so much. I will never look at options the same way. These guys are the real deal.”

Lyle Emmona
August 10, 2018


Master the Stock Market’s Most Lucrative Corners with Trading Whiz Kid Charlie Moon